About Ningbo

Investment Environment

  • City with Port

    Ningbo-Zhoushan Port is the first port with a throughput as large as 920 million tons in the world. With over 21 million standard containers shipped in and out, 1.17 trillion RMB worth of trade went through the Port of Ningbo-Zhoushan, making it the 4th largest international port around the world.

    Import-export volume
    1.17 trillion RMB
    The cargo handling capacity
    9.2 million tons
    Containers shipped in and out
    2156.1 million

  • Industrial

    Ningbo is named as the first pilot city of "Made in China 2025". In 2016,Ningbo enterprises at national scale generated 1.44 trillion RMB. Thanks to eight of its billion dollar size industries including automobile manufacturing, textile and home appliance. Ningbo is also the largest petrochemical industry and new material industry base in China. It is one of the four largest home appliance manufacturing hubs and one of the three largest apparel making places.

  • Remarkable

    Thanks to its high degree of openness, Ningbo became the eighth Chinese city that has achieved a hundred of billion US dollar size of foreign trade. There are 219 countries and regions trading with Ningbo as of now, contributing to over 26,000 licensed foreign firms operating local business. In 2016, 620 billion RMB worth of trade was done between entities in Ningbo an the rest of the world. Over 27.01 billion RMB was traded on the e-commerce platform in Ningbo, showcasing the city's role as a national e-commerce pilot zone.

  • Market

    Private sector, accounting for as much as 90% of the local economic forms, is the primary source of vigor in Ningbo. 70% of GDP, 75% of the tax revenue and 85% of the jobs won't be achieved without the contribution of the private sector, which created over 95% of the companies, jobs and output of the industry sector in Ningbo. Outbound investment from Ningbo enterprises totals 700 billion RMB as of now.

  • Home of

    Supported by its strong industrial infrastructure and establishments, Ningbo has given breed to 83 top brands in China. Being widely acknowledged as the capital of stationary, mould and plastic injection machines, Ningbo makes 135 types of best-selling goods and over 200 types of top 3 industrial products nationwide.

  • Governance

    The efficiency of Ningbo government has won proven acclamation. It's public service rating ranks No. 2 among 38 major cities in China and its transparency ranked the top among its peers. In 2016, it won the award of "City with Most Satisfied Public Service in China".

  • Financial

    Ningbo is the first National Insurance Innovation Comprehensive Pilot Zone. By the end of 2016, there are 292 financial institutions in Ningbo: 63 for banking, 172 for securities and futures and 57 for insurance. Equipped with professional legal, accounting, tax and consulting talents, Ningbo is the place where high quality corporate and individual services to be found.

  • Talents and

    Ningbo believes in the strengths of talents and importance of innovation. As a reward, the city's talents comprehensive competitiveness ranked the 7th among all provincial capitals and sub-provincial cities, with its innovation came in the 8th of all Chinese cities. It is now listed among the first batch of National Demonstration Zone of Transfer and Transformation of Technological Achievements.

  • livable

    Ningbo has won numerous state-level tourism titles: National Excellent Tourism City, National Forest City, Garden City, Environmental Protection Model City, National Ecology Advanced Demonstration Zone and China Top 10 Tourism and Leisure Model City.